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It’s rare to find experts in geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, construction materials, metals, aggregates, and analytical chemistry all under the same roof. Our diversity of clients, projects, and staff gives Bowser-Morner a deep understanding of our customers’ business, construction, and manufacturing processes. Our combined knowledge of regional materials, construction techniques, and structural performance—both good and bad—give us the ability to offer practical, proven solutions that deliver peace of mind.


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Richard Allen

Bowser-Morner is a team of more than 140 engineers, scientists, and technical specialists providing engineering, laboratory and technical services to support quality oriented clients across the country. We serve a wide range of industries including construction, transportation, manufacturing, mining, consulting, energy, education and health care by helping clients identify, evaluate and make use of natural and manufactured materials for their business concerns. In doing so, we help our clients align their strengths, reduce their risks and improve their project outcomes.


Team Development

  • Neutral Team Facilitation
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Cost Control


  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis