Central Ohio Chapter

Since 1978, Miles-McClellan Construction Company set the standard for client satisfaction: Defining technical excellence to every client, every project, every time.

Today, they continue to hold themselves to a higher standard – passionate about delivering technical excellence and relentless in their pursuit of customer satisfaction. If they demand this much of themselves, shouldn’t you demand it too?

Miles-McClellan Values:

  • We were founded on a Client Service business model.
  • We are always responsible and responsive to our clients and our teammates.
  • We play and win as a team every day.
  • We count on our intuition as we solve our client’s workspace challenges.
  • We act with integrity every day to raise the reputation of our entire industry.
  • We do all this with strict attention to safety so that everyone goes home every night!


Miles-McClellan Construction
2100 Builders Place
Columbus, Ohio 43204

Partner Contact

Matt McClellan

Matt provides strategic leadership all centered on Miles-McClellan’s foundation of delivering total client satisfaction. Developments of long-term strategies are focused on buildings strong relationships with the two most important parts of any business: clients and employees. Together, with his entire executive team, Miles-McClellan has grown into a $68+ million company known for collaboration, integrity, and technical excellence.


  • Shared Risk Reward
  • Design-build
  • Transparent Financial Model
  • Consolidated Insurance
  • Speed to Market