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NEO Chapter

The Pride One team has continually refined the arts of real estate development and construction.  From one successful project to the next — and one lasting partnership to the next — we’ve established what we believe to be the keys to evolution in this ultra-competitive industry.

The first is our dedicated commitment to best-practices in strategy, operations, and fulfillment.  We study industry trends to chart new courses, seek out innovative processes to conserve resources and discover market opportunities.  We position our partners ahead of the curve so that they can take advantage of possibilities in their own markets.

The second is our unwavering commitment to people — from the very first contact through the ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Integrity, value and quality are more than just buzzwords — they describe the very tenets that guide every decision we make and action we take. Relationships are everything.

Partner with Pride One and you’ll recognize immediately the value we place on your trust. And while our focus is on commercial, real estate and development opportunities.  We have the human, fiscal and knowledge resources to construct just about any imaginable project across a robust medium of industries.

Pride One
2211 Medina Rd., Suite 100
Medina, Ohio 44256

Partner Contact

Tim Courtad

Tim became Pride One’s Partner/President in 2020 and leads the leadership team while holding all leaders accountable with KPI’s and measurable’s. He stays focused on the health of the business and keeps a hand on the pulse of the company. Tim maintains a positive culture throughout the team and leads in a manner that maintains a 2 steps ahead mentality so the company can be proactive not reactive. He is also a true visionary and leader of people. He sets high goals not only for himself, but also for all of Pride One’s employees. He is a firm believer of core values in which he embodies every day with his leadership and decision-making ability.

He believes in client interaction from the start to close out of all projects. He incorporates a “Maintain a Pulse” on all projects to make the Pride One experience seamless throughout all departments for a great Client Experience and provides design guidance and assistance to all PM’s with respect to exterior products.


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Team Development

  • Team Selection
  • Team Organization
  • Team Communication Methods
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Cost Control


  • Design Assist
  • Target Value Design


  • Multi-party Agreement
  • Tri-party Agreement
  • Design-build
  • Speed to Market