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Raymond Corby Architect

Cleveland, Ohio

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Raymond Corby, RA

With over 40 years’ experience as an architect and project manager, I have planned, designed and managed many project types and sizes from small remodeling’s to large complex new facilities primarily in the education and healthcare fields.

My core beliefs are that since the built environment has a long-standing and significant impact on the human experience, it must be done thoughtfully and correctly; that every project can be better than the last one; and that although design and construction of facilities is complex, it does not have to be chaotic, but rather can be efficient and enjoyable.

Continually improving the planning, design, and delivery processes is my passion. As a result, I am an advocate of collaborative teaming and draw upon my considerable experience in Design/Build, CM at Risk, and Integrated Project Delivery, as well as traditional Design/Bid/Build to improve the way projects are delivered.

Team Development

  • Team Organization
  • Team Communication Methods
  • Cost Control


  • Last Planner
  • Pull Planning
  • Process Mapping
  • Target Value Design


  • Shared Risk Reward
  • Multi-Party Agreements
  • Tri-Party Agreements
  • Charter Agreements
  • Design-Build
  • Transparent Financial Model
  • Speed to Market