Cogence is supported by its Partners and Emerging Leaders.

Cogence is a non-profit 501(c)(6) entity with a Board of Directors and complete governance by-laws to sustain the organization.


Partners form the core of Cogence’s thought leadership and advocacy. They are senior members of their respective organizations who have direct leadership responsibility in project delivery decisions. Partnership is an active commitment to work together to improve construction industry outcomes.


Board of Directors

  • Robert Bostwick
  • James Cicero
  • Donald Dreier
  • Dragan Dukich
  • Armando Francisco
  • Gary Hribar
  • Walter Jones
  • Phil Kerber
  • Ron Lawson
  • Sherm Moreland
  • Pamela Neckar
  • Paula Selvaggio
  • Brian Swope
  • Penrose Wolf


  • President: Pamela Neckar
  • Vice President: Penrose Wolf
  • Treasurer: Armando Francisco
  • Secretary: James Cicero

NEO Committee Chairs

  • Program: Armando Francisco & Phil Kerber
  • Advocacy: Open
  • Resources: Paula Selvaggio
  • Partnership: Vince Gargano
  • Communication: Brenden Shea

NWO Committee Chairs

  • Program: Dean Niese, Tim Meyer, Mark Crawford
  • Partnership: April Smucker, Jack Jones, Tim Pedro