Cogence Team to Speak at HCD Conference on 10/24

Are you attending the Healthcare Design Conference this month in Cleveland? Come join us discuss the topic of “Managing Risk and Improving Health Outcomes in Cleveland” on Sunday 10/24 at 2:30PM.

Come Together: Managing Risk and Improving Health Outcomes in Cleveland
Walter Jones, AIA, LEED, EDAC, Senior Vice President, Campus Transformation, The MetroHealth System
Penrose Wolf, Director of Construction, Cleveland Clinic

Join leaders from the Cleveland Clinic and The MetroHealth System in this interactive roundtable to discuss how team-based project delivery will be the necessary method to navigate the risks and challenges of healthcare design. Learn how owners, architects, engineers, construction trades, and other affiliates have already come together in Greater Cleveland to improve project delivery and outcomes. Hear about shared best practices and improved project outcomes that have resulted from collaborative project teams, regardless of contract structure. Experience for yourself how an open and collaborative discussion on risk can tangibly and collectively transform the design construction industry.

  • Identify primary risks within healthcare project delivery and how they have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Understand how risk can quickly escalate from one party to another within healthcare project delivery.
  • Increase your understanding on the importance of collaborative and ongoing discussions with owners, architects, engineers and contractors.
  • Better identify your role in risk mitigation and learn best practices in the de­escalation of risk across all project parties.

Cogence Alliance Staff Expansion

Cogence Alliance Staff Expansion

Cleveland, OH: Cogence Alliance is pleased to announce the expansion of our staff to better serve our Partners and the architecture, engineering and construction management community.

Tuwhanna Williams is the new National Administrator of Cogence Alliance. Tuwhanna has more than 20 years of nonprofit experience with 15 years of association management. She will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of Cogence and will work closely with the National Board to manage the execution of its strategic mission. She brings a solid skillset to Cogence including general management, operations, program development, event planning, board relations, financial management and community outreach.

Lisa Pim Peterson, LEED AP, CPSM is the Marketing Liaison for Cogence Alliance. Bringing more than 20 years of experience in the architecture, engineering and construction management, Lisa is responsible for promoting and guiding the branding of Cogence. Lisa has a depth of experience with marketing strategy to help Cogence meet its vision to Inspire, Educate, Unite all of our construction industry partners.

Bonnie Kulczycki has supported Cogence Alliance since their formation in 2015 and has provided support to Cogence throughout their growth. She will continue in the role of Northeast Ohio Chapter Administrator. Bonnie’s 25 years of experience in the construction industry has proven invaluable as we continue to grow and expand our chapters.

Amber Stilson is Central Ohio Chapter Administrator based in Columbus, Ohio. Amber excels in providing support for the growing Central Chapter as we look to expand our state and national footprint. Starting as a committee volunteer for the Central Chapter, Amber brings over 10 years of experience serving the construction industry.  Amber is an excellent example of the collaborative spirit that Cogence represents and is an excellent resource to the Partners involved in the Central Ohio Chapter.

Cogence Alliance has a singular focus: Improve project outcomes through collaborative delivery methods. We bring together owners, architects, engineers, construction managers, construction trades, and affiliated parties, giving each an equal voice. Our singular focus is to improve project outcomes through collaborative delivery methods. Our Partners have committed their time and expertise to develop solutions that help every project stakeholder to win.

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For Whom do we Design and Build? Virtual Program

Owner preferences, occupant well-being, and ecological demands may lead to greater opportunities for programs such as WELL, LEED, and the Living Building Challenge. Project delivery tactics and strategies are materially influenced by such programs, which are designed to promote occupant health, improve employee retention, reduce life cycle costs, and benefit the triple bottom line.

COGENCE proudly presents a panel of distinguished owners and
professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by these programs, with a focus on project delivery elements, through the lens of several exemplary local/regional projects.

Register in advance for this meeting:

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Special Event: Two Part Virtual Series on Supply Chain and Market Volatility

Part 1: June 15 and Part 2: June 29, 2021- 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. • Virtual Program

Cogence Alliance is excited to bring you an additional opportunity to talk about the current issue of Supply Chain and Market Volatility. Please join us for this two-part series as we discuss the challenges and solutions occurring today and into the future! We also encourage you to share this information with your colleagues or anyone that may benefit from this extremely important and timely topic. Please take a moment to register for both events below.

Part 1: Challenges – We will focus on the challenges of Supply Chain and Market Volatility. Please join us on on June 15th at 4pm to voice your opinions of the challenges. REGISTER for Part 1.

Part 2: Solutions – We will focus on the Solutions to Supply Chain and Market Volatility. . Please join us on on June 29th at 4pm to voice your opinions of the solutions. REGISTER for Part 2. 

(After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Some of the challenges raised so far include:
• Scheduling: Lean just-in-time concept, which contributes to supply chain issues we are having today. If that’s the case, how can we do anything differently to protect ourselves from future market variability.
• Covid related supply chain issues (reduction in production)
• Covid related labor shortages (work force reductions & reluctance to return)
• Stimulus related labor shortages (for those making minimum – low$ wages, it is more cost effective to collect stimulus and unemployment than to return to work)
• Stimulus related escalation (the money being pumped into the economy is creating escalation)
• Recent event in Texas (disrupting supply chain for some resources/products)Please

Please bring any challenges to discuss.

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Cogence Special Event: Leadership in the Four-Generation Workplace

Join us January 22 for this special event on leadership in the 4-generation workplace. In partnership with SMPS NEO.

The Leadership Dilemma

Change, Complexity & Distraction in the Chaotic 4-Generation Workplace

January 22, 2019 • 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. • City Club of Cleveland

Today’s workplace is radically different than it was even 20 years ago, and the impact of technology is not always for the better. There are now four generations of employees in the workplace, mashed together in a cauldron of constant change, distractions, and complexity.

In this interactive workshop, author, speaker and business coach Kelly Riggs presents the most pressing leadership issues and offers specific approaches to dealing with the challenges of the new, technology-infected workplace.

Register Now

Cogence is sponsoring this event in place of the Northeast Ohio January Roundtable. Feel free to forward the invitation! Attendees do not need to be Cogence Partners or SMPS members to attend.

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Announcing the Winners of the 2018 Cogence Drive Awards

Cogence Alliance announces the winners of the 2018 Cogence Drive Awards.

Cogence created the Drive Awards to honor the best in project collaboration. The awards highlight the critical role and immense value that collaboration and innovation bring to building projects. The awards also demonstrate to the A/E/C community how their contributions are improving project outcomes.

Cogence accepted submissions for three categories: the Project Award (Large), Project Award (Small), and the Individual Award. Submissions were evaluated by an independent, national jury.

The awards were presented Wednesday, September 12, at the Cogence Town Hall in Cleveland, Ohio.

Drive Award, Small Project: University Hospitals UCRC II Data Center Upgrades

This complex and sensitive data center upgrade project was ultimately successful because each team member supported a collaborative culture.

University Hospitals (UH) completed a $4.07 million data center upgrade to eliminate single points of failure and to upgrade existing infrastructure. UH was a tenant in the building, and their goal was to install new redundant data center cooling and emergency power, isolated from the landlord’s systems.

Highlights from the project:

  • The consultants and CM all advocated for a more collaborative approach to improve project delivery. The design team advocated for CMR, given the complexity of the project and need for full-team collaboration. The CM took it a step further, recommending design-assist.
  • Despite delays that negatively impacted the schedule, the team delivered the project six weeks early. They collaborated to rework construction activities and phasing.
  • The project had one change order: a deduct returning $21,000 of the remaining contingency to UH.

Drive Award, Large Project: Cleveland Clinic Lakewood Family Health Center

This project was Cleveland Clinic’s first Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) project. Their investment in collaboration realized an actual savings of approximately $1.2 million.

Cleveland Clinic’s new Lakewood Family Health Center is focused on community health and wellness. It replaces dated facilities with a new, $24.3 million (construction) building offering a 24-hour emergency department, imaging services, and multi-specialty and family medicine.

Highlights from the project:

  • Cleveland Clinic used an IPD contract, using a Tri-Party Agreement with joining agreements. The 13 signatories put 100% of their profit margin at risk, meaning they would need to perform at a certain level to earn their profit.
  • The team used Lean tools (such as Last Planner, A3s, collocation, and component team design) for collaboration, decision-making, and waste reduction.
  • Fostering and monitoring the team culture was an important part of the project. Among other things, Cleveland Clinic used team surveys throughout the project to evaluate the level of trust on the team.
  • The mechanical team tried something radical: Working in the same model. Instead of having a separate “design model” and “construction model,” the mechanical contractors worked in the mechanical engineers’ model. Their goals were to reduce known waste, increase the level of detail in the design model, and eliminate the separate creation of a construction model.
  • During construction, batching led to productivity gains and a high level of quality craftsmanship.

Drive Award, Individual: Bryan Wahl, AIA, Bostwick Design Partnership

Bryan Wahl, AIA, brings his passion for collaboration to both his projects and his firm.

Wahl, a Senior Associate at Bostwick Design Partnership (BDP), leads projects from design through construction, focusing on healthcare, higher education, library, and corporate design. He emphasizes continuous innovation and improvement in design.

Wahl has provided leadership on five different collaborative projects. Most recently, he was the project manager for Cleveland Clinic’s Lakewood Family Health Center, which had the first Tri-Party agreement signed in the greater Cleveland region.

Within BDP, he has become a leader in Lean design practices and processes. He brought his passion for collaborative process back to his office, organizing internal presentations to introduce his colleagues to the project tools that made Lakewood Family Health Center so successful.

Wahl has also presented at professional conferences regionally and nationally, educating owners on collaborative delivery.

The recommendation letters accompanying Wahl’s nomination emphasized his authenticity and engagement, as well as his desire to keep learning and growing.

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Join Us in Cleveland for the 2018 Town Hall

At this year’s Town Hall:

  • Learn practical ways to elevate your team’s performance by focusing on their strengths
  • Discuss collaboration best practices for delivering high-level outcomes
  • Network with industry colleagues who share your passion for creating better projects

Key Dates

  • July 11 – Drive Awards intent to submit due
  • August 5 – Drive Awards submissions due
  • August 29 – Registration closes
  • September 12 – Town Hall convenes

Learn more and register.

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A Five-Step Process to a Successful Guaranteed Maximum Price

On May 3, 2018, Don Dreier of Donley’s Inc. and Gary Hribar of Osborn Engineering will present “A Five-Step Process to a Successful Guaranteed Maximum Price” at CMAA Ohio.

The goals of the Cogence GMP Process:

  • Fair
  • Transparent
  • Effective
  • Reliable
  • Accountable
  • Increase Sophistication
  • Measurable Improvement to Projects Outcomes
  • Educate Participants

Learn more and register.

Announcing the Winners of the Inaugural Cogence Drive Awards

Cogence Alliance announces the winners of the inaugural Cogence Drive Awards.

Cogence created the Drive Awards to honor the best in project collaboration. The awards highlight the critical role and immense value that collaboration and innovation bring to building projects. The awards also demonstrate to the A/E/C community how their contributions are improving project outcomes.

Cogence accepted submissions for two categories: the Project Award and the Individual Award. Submissions were evaluated by an independent, national jury representing owners, architects, engineers, and construction teams.

The awards were presented Friday, November 10, at the first Cogence Town Hall, in Cleveland, Ohio.


Drive Award, Project: Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center

Cleveland Clinic designed and built the Taussig Cancer Center with the same care and attention to detail that drives its commitment to Patients First. During the project, Cleveland Clinic engaged individuals, focused on quality, and relied on collaboration.

Taussig Cancer Center is a seven-story, 390,000-SF facility that combines exam rooms, treatment spaces, and physician offices under one roof. The construction cost was $194 million. In the award submission, the team listed 46 companies as collaborators on the project.

In their evaluations, the jurors highlighted many components of project success, including:

  • The effort the team put into learning and practicing collaboration throughout the project. Cleveland Clinic delivered the project using its Owner Controlled Team Project Delivery (OCTPDSM) practice model. OCTPD is an owner-led, collaborative delivery method that cultivates trust, respect, and accountability. The project team also committed to Lean processes, including pull planning and colocation.
  • Their use of design-assist. The project had 11 design-assist partners, and the MEP teams used a prefab warehouse for select portions of assembly.
  • The outstanding financial results because of the collaborative approach. The final project cost indicated an overall savings of $21 million, $17 million of which can be directly attributed to the collaborative efforts of the design and construction team.

In the submission, the team also noted that “the response from visitors, patients, caregivers and the community is overwhelmingly positive. Upon entering the main lobby for the first time, most patients are in awe of their new surroundings and smile in appreciation for the new environment.”


Drive Award, Individual: Ronald J. Lawson

Ron Lawson has been a pioneer in collaborative project delivery at Cleveland Clinic. As a founding board member of Cogence, he has demonstrated his commitment to improving outcomes for the industry as a whole.

Lawson recently retired from his role as Director of Construction at Cleveland Clinic, a position he held for 16 years. Lawson led the creation and implementation of Cleveland Clinic’s Owner Controlled Team Project Delivery (OCTPDSM) method. With OCTPD, the owner leads a team of industry experts to deliver the project in a transparent, collaborative team fashion. The culture is one of trust, respect, and accountability. In the past several years alone, Lawson managed $1.55 billion in projects delivered collaboratively.

Lawson’s nomination for the Drive Award received resounding support. While the entry requirements called for only two letters of recommendation, Lawson’s nomination included 10. Letters came from all the roles that exist on a project: owner, architect, engineer, construction manager, trades, and allied consultant. They speak powerfully to Lawson’s influence and legacy.

  • “Simply put, Ron became the agent for that change. Single-handed at first, but step by step and person by person, he led the charge to change the long-held ‘silos’ of design, construction, and ownership.”
  • “Ron understands that this [collaborative] spirit is important to communicate throughout the entire team, not only at the management level. Throughout his career he has committed to push these concepts down to the trade level, and he is is highly respected by union leadership.”
  • “His expectations for continuous improvement using new tools and technology have resulted in a great opportunity for the younger project stakeholders to embrace and therefore lead the solutions to these new challenges…Future generations are now positioned to continue the journey forward as the next leaders of this improved collaborative delivery vision.”

Honor Award: Pamela J. Neckar

Pam Neckar is the founding president of Cogence Alliance, as well as Project Coach and CFO of Bostwick Design Partnership, a Cleveland-based architecture firm.

The Board of Directors surprised Neckar with an Honor Award in recognition of her dedication to Cogence.

Pen Wolf, Vice President of Cogence, presented the award. He praised Neckar for her vision, her insistence that the team do the work, and the “incredible amount of work” she has done for the organization.

As Neckar accepted the award, she turned attention back to the Town Hall attendees.

“Today is a very important day for Cogence,” she said. “This is the start…of something that will really change the industry.”

“I’m excited because of all of you and your contributions.”