Cogence Alliance has a singular focus: Improve project outcomes through collaborative delivery methods.

The Challenge

The design and construction industry is facing increased demands to produce greater value, higher quality, and faster project delivery.

At the same time, it lags in productivity gains, is often contentious, and frequently fails to delivery successful outcomes. Complex, fragmented teams are easily driven by self-interest rather than shared purpose.

We believe there’s a better way.

Our Vision

Our goal is to transform the design and construction industry. We are advocates for:

  • A collaborative project culture that leverages each team member’s strengths.
  • Reduced risks and improved outcomes for everyone.
  • Projects that are financially successful and enjoyable.

Through Cogence, we share resources and develop new lines of thought to move our industry forward.

Our Name

“Cogence” comes from a Latin word meaning “drive together” or “thinking that is well organized.” It embodies the collaborative spirit and thoughtful approach we hope to foster.

Cogence Partner  Core Values

Cogence Alliance Partners engage with the Industry to make the work better together for the future. ​

     Each partner is committed to: ​

  • Understanding diverse backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs ​
  • Exchanging ideas through conversation and debate ​
  • Being responsible for positive outcomes over time,with a lifelong passion to learn, grow, and stay curious – while having fun!

Who We Are

Cogence Alliance brings together owners, architects, engineers, construction trades, and affiliated parties, giving each an

equal voice.


Our Partners have committed their time and expertise to develop solutions that help every project stakeholder to win.

In January 2019, we launched our Emerging Leaders program. The Cogence Emerging Leaders Program provides rising leaders in design and construction with the knowledge and skills to boldly promote change across the industry. Tomorrows leaders will grow and impact the industry though leadership development, association with cross market industry leadership, and mentorship.