Central Ohio Chapter

Veregy is an industry leader in energy efficiency solutions, solar and smart building technology. We believe innovation — together with unparalleled service — creates the most long-term value for our clients. Veregy’s experienced and dedicated team develop and deliver customized strategies to resolve our client’s facility challenges, while optimizing building performance and reducing energy consumption. We also believe in bringing out the best in each other. Customer relationships built on transparency last longer, which is at the core of everything we do.

855 Grandview Avenue, 3rd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Partner Contact

Douglas Smith

Prior to working in engineering and consulting, I was fortunate to start my career as an HVAC mechanic in a large high-rise building while attending college.  I later had the opportunity to work as a contractor as an installer and project manager for a large building automation system contractor.  Having this background has given me a unique perspective having served as the Owner maintaining equipment, Contractor bidding and implementing projects, and from the Consulting Engineer developing plans and specifications.

I am part of COGENCE because our industry is facing new and evolving challenges that we all need to come together to develop solutions that work for Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors so that together we can deliver better results.  The collaboration and open dialog is exciting and refreshing.


  • BIM
  • Model Sharing – Design and Construction
  • Digital Document Sharing

Team Development

  • Team Selection
  • Team Organization
  • Cost Control
  • Design Assist
  • Pull Planning
  • Process Mapping
  • Shared Risk Reward
  • Multi-Party Agreements
  • Design-Build