Risks that have been identified through the lifecycle of a project

Cogence NEOhio: Risk Summary (PDF)

Cogence Central OH: 6 Degrees of Risk_Part1(PDF)

Cogence Central OH: 6 Degrees of Risk Owner_Part2 (PDF)

Cogence Central OH: 6Degrees of Risk Affiliates Part3 (PDF)

Cogence Central OH: 6 Degrees of Risk CM_Part4 (PDF)

Cogence Central OH: 6 Degrees of Risk Trades_Part5 (PDF)

Cogence Central OH: 6 Degrees of Risk Engineers_Part6 (PDF)

Cogence Central OH: 6 Degrees of Risk Architects Part7 (PDF)

Cogence Central OH: 6 Degrees of Risk_Part 8_Final (PDF)



Cogence GMP Version 2.0 – A 4 step approach to the development of a collaborative GMP.
NOTE: All steps can be utilized during the development of the GMP or select the steps that work best for your project and team. This is a living document and is subject to change as our industry evolves! Check back regularly for updates.

  • Since July of 2017, Cogence Partners have been working on the development and refinement of a GMP development process that can be utilized by our industry to enhance project team collaboration and provide a better outcome.  At the 2017 Cogence November Town Hall, we conceptually introduced 5 steps to a better GMP development process.
  • In 2018 and 2019, we developed a 109-page detailed workbook and guidance document which details the collaborative process, including:
    • ​A written description of each step;
    • A graphic diagram of how each step fits into the Design and Construction Process;
    • A checklist for each step;
    • Activity descriptions for each of the key steps including differences​, unique aspects and goals of the key elements;
  • Cogence Partner’s provided feedback throughout 2019, which was combined into the GMP document. Cogence views this document as a work in progress and as such, it is our goal to refine the process, make the steps and key elements even clearer and create a user friendly and highly understandable collaborative process that can be adopted by our industry;
  • In 2020,  it will be our goal to incorporate structured training and continuing education programs around the Cogence GMP process.  The Cogence Board of Directors hopes that you will find this process to be very helpful with your future project deployment, enhance project team collaboration and most importantly, provide better outcomes;
  • We encourage you to begin using and deploying this collaborative process immediately as you begin your new projects.  In addition, Cogence is going to provide the following additional support and diagnostic moving forward:
    • ​​A Cogence GMP Committee Member is available as an advisor to your project team at no cost.  Please inquire directly to Cogence if you are interested in this type of technical support;
  • Lastly in 2020 our expanded committee will continue to meet and will develop RFP/contract amendments to incorporate and utilize in the process

Cogence GMP Workbook version 2.0 (PDF)