Construction Manager
Central Ohio Chapter

In an industry that is ready for change, Barton Malow is committed to creating innovative methods that help the industry manage the lack of certainty in schedule and cost, a shrinking workforce, and outdated processes and methods. We know that construction won’t be transformed by a single new piece of technology, so our commitment to innovation focuses on identifying and utilizing the right combination of technologies and business models that allow a leap forward. It’s this kind of innovative focus that creates more control in the overall construction process and allows everything we do to become more efficient.

Barton Malow
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Partner Contact

Adrienne Sraver

Adrienne has been in the industry for over seventeen years in project delivery. She is a Project Executive at Barton Malow Builders, focused on the healthcare and higher education market sectors. . She teaches at The Ohio State University in the Construction Systems Management major.


  • Building Information Modeling
  • Model Sharing – Design and Construction
  • Digital Document Sharing

Team Development

  • Team Selection
  • Team Organization
  • Team Communication Methods
  • Cost Control


  • Last Planner
  • Design Assist
  • Colocation – Construction
  • Colocation – Design
  • Pull Planning
  • Process Mapping
  • Target Value Design


  • Design-build
  • Consolidated Insurance
  • Speed to Market