Construction Manager
Central Chapter


In 1910, Edward “Pop” Elford, a civil engineer, decided that the best way to promote integrity in the construction industry was to start his own company. With $153.75 in savings, he founded E. Elford General Contractors. Trustworthiness, open communication, and continual learning were the values upon which Elford was built and remain our guiding principles today. Over a century later, Pop’s values still form and guide the core of our philosophy.


To BUILD, SERVE, and LEAD while supporting our community and enriching lives.


We foster lasting partnerships
We build community
We do the right thing
We advance innovation
We challenge each other


To make construction a positive experience.

Today throughout Ohio and across the nation, our teams embody our core values on every project.  We truly believe that this approach makes construction a positive experience.

Elford Inc.
1220 Dublin Road
Columbus, Ohio 43215


Partner Contact

Randy Duncan

Randy Duncan is the Vice President of Operations for Elford, Inc. Randy has over 25 years of construction industry experience and he knows that the key to success is clear and open communication. Randy focuses on team mentorship, process improvement and innovation to ensure our teams deliver exceptional customer experiences.


  • Building Information Modeling
  • Model Sharing – Design and Construction
  • Digital Document Sharing

Team Development

  • Neutral Team Facilitation
  • Team Selection
  • Team Organization
  • Team Communication Methods
  • Cost Control


  • Last Planner
  • Design Assist
  • Colocation – Construction
  • Colocation – Design
  • Pull Planning
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis
  • Process Mapping
  • Target Value Design


  • Shared Risk Reward
  • Design-build
  • Transparent Financial Model
  • Speed-to-Market