2017 Town Hall

Engage all. Transform outcomes. Win together. November 10, 2017 at the Global Center for Health Innovation (Cleveland, Ohio) Join your colleagues in the design and construction community to learn best practices that will transform outcomes, creating successful projects for all. To view the session summaries please go to 2017 Town Hall 

NEO: Leadership Transition

Our upcoming NEO Roundtable will focus on Leadership Transition A calendar invite will be sent to all NEO Partners in October Please contact Admin@cogence.org with questions

NEO: Workforce & Talent Retention

Speakers from the construction industry spoke on the current issues surrounding the workforce and ways to retain them. Rep. Addison of the 9th District in NEO spoke on DEI and government programs. Presentation was followed by a Q&A session. Please see the attached COGENCE Presentation 2022-07-27 (PDF) from our NEO roundtable.

NEO: Supply Chain Disruption: Time, Money, and Workforce Issues

This event will take a close look at the current state of the Supply Chain and provide information that is critical to all the current and upcoming projects to help you better prepare for some of the ‘curve balls’ that are headed our way. The presentation will include research data…

COVID Jeopardy – Central Ohio Chapter

How is the design construction industry moving into the post-COVID world? A virtual partner roundtable experience that including facilitated breakout discussion groups Cogence Central Ohio Virtual Roundtable: COVID Jeopardy (PDF)    

Close-Out and Post-Occupancy – NEO Chapter

As we continue to explore and discuss the Inflection Points of a project our final point looked at “Close-Out and Post-Occupancy” November 2021 NEO presentation (PDF)