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Sherm Moreland

I am a design-oriented leader who has devoted my entire career to the programming and planning of award-winning, complex projects nationwide. With over 25 years of focused experience in healthcare, clients benefit from my unique depth of industry specific knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing trends that lead to best practice thinking and innovation. I hold two undergraduate degrees from Kent State University and a master’s degree from the University of Colorado. I am a board-certified healthcare architect and have published and presented nationally on issues related to healthcare design, sustainability, and corporate leadership. I firmly believe in having a bias for action and the value of teamwork and collaboration as the best path for enduring project success.


  • BIM
  • Model Sharing-Design and Construction
  • Digital Document Sharing

Team Development

  • Team Selection
  • Team Organization
  • Team Communication Methods


  • Design Assist


  • Design-build