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Our Difference


We encourage the sharing of information, ideas and goals. This collection of input at the outset of the process lays groundwork for a solution that best meets the budget, schedule, form and functional needs.


We guide discussion and promote collaboration between all team members to generate the best possible solution.


Every project is unique. Reaching the optimal solution for each requires a team committed to studying, assessing and developing the most efficient and enduring design.

DS Architecture
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Partner Contact

Jeff Meyers

Jeffrey Meyers has been a family member at DS Architecture for 22 years, becoming a partner in 2010 and full owner in 2019. He has spent many years contributing to Northeast Ohio community. His passion for community development drives him to lead and support multiple philanthropic and service initiatives with seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm. Jeff is inspired by any chance to unite people, around such issues as education, healthcare, architecture, public policy, historic preservation, diversity, and environmentalism, to name a few. His involvement has been greatly influential in developing leaders, raising awareness, and providing resources to communities.

Additionally, Jeff is a neurodivergent individual who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Bipolar is recognized as a disability both by the United States Government and by the state of Ohio. Jeff’s journey to partnership and ultimately sole ownership of a midsize architectural firm has had several obstacles related to his mental health condition. These impediments have created hardships that neurotypical individuals do not have to overcome. DS Architecture believes in educating all clients, consultants, contractors, and potential staff on, not only Jeff’s bipolar diagnosis, but mental health issues in general, within the AEC industry. #proudlybipolar

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