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US Communications and Electric, Inc. is a technology-based, Women Owned Business Entity (WBE). Founded in 1996, US Communications excels in installation in addition to providing design-engineering consulting services to ensure our customers are installing a cabling system that supports their unique needs and emerging technology solutions.

Offering a unique mix of design engineers, installation technicians and office support, US Communications provides a wide array of ideas and solutions to meet the demanding challenges of the communications cabling market. We offer expert solutions in fiber cabling systems from campus and backbone design and installation to OTDR testing and certification. US Communications can design and install outdoor copper backbone systems, as well as horizontal copper cabling solutions to support desktop data, voice and video systems. We also design and install wireless data networking systems. Specifically, US Communications provides services in the following areas:

  • Structured cabling
  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Data networking
  • Security
  • Paging & sound
  • Telephony
  • Video
  • Design consulting
  • Ongoing infrastructure maintenance

Through strong fiscal planning, US Communications has grown to the largest structured cabling company in Ohio and has the financial wherewithal to execute multiple large-scale projects simultaneously. Our bonding company and banking partner would tell you that this is our greatest asset.

US Communications and Electric
4933 NEO Parkway
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44128


Partner Contact

Jim Connole

Chief Operating Officer of US Communications and Electric, Inc which has been in business for 23 years.  Responsible for developing and fostering the culture for successful operations of sales and engineering, bringing over 35 years of experience.


  • Building Information Modeling

Team Development

  • Team Organization


  • Design Assist
  • Colocation – Construction
  • Pull Planning


  • Shared Risk Reward
  • Multi-Party Agreements
  • Design-build
  • Transparent Financial Model