Collaborative Scheduling: Why do it? – NEO Chapter

  • The mission of Cogence is to drive the industry together and collectively improve project delivery.
  • The process of planning, scheduling, and proactively monitoring each phase of a project as it progresses is an important component that needs to be influenced on a collective dialogue with project stakeholders
  • Such a process, including a focus on the management of risks inherent in resource limitations being encountered in many construction markets, provides a platform of trust and transparency that serves all project stakeholders with a toll to make timely business decisions relative to project modifications.
  • If we are going to change how project teams deliver projects, then we need to drive a conversation setting a standard for a collaborative and transparent scheduling process that will eliminate the obstacles to this engagement.
  • How to set expectations and deliver a Cogence Schedule process with the panel of our industry peers. Followed by an interactive portion on the proper timing of stakeholders on-boarding that sets the stage for successful collaborative planning.
  • Cogence NEO Collaborative Scheduling Presentation Final (PDF)
  • Cogence NEO Event Mtg Mins_2019-0508 (PDF)