Central Ohio: Brave Spaces – Building a Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Future

  • Brave Spaces – Building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future for the design & construction industry
  • To remain relevant, the A/E/C and design professions must keep pace with the growing diversity of society, clients/owners, and building users. As an industry, we have much opportunity for improvement. Toward that end, COGENCE Alliance – Central Ohio welcomes renowned researcher/author/presenter Dr. Melissa Crum, to lead a workshop on how to establish “brave spaces” and foster greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace.
  • Dr. Crum shared information about certain words and give a set of questions to breakout groups for discussion (e.g., Race, Power, White Supremacy, Privilege, Prejudice, Systemic & Structural Racism)
    • Small groups broke out and discussed materials presented and then reported back and further discussed in the larger group
    • She’ll then gave another set of words for breakout
      • Again, groups broke out and reported back for more discussion
      • One focus of our program was how to help people establish “brave spaces” (as opposed to “safe spaces” where nobody is uncomfortable) where tough but cathartic dialogue may happen, and with an emphasis on forgiveness, repair, understanding & accountability.
  • In short, her workshop closely mirrors COGENCE’s typical program modality.