SWO: Communicate for Project Success

The February 2024 Southwest Ohio Chapter Roundtable topic was:  Communicate for Project Success

  • Tommie Jo Brode from Venice Solutions Group was the guest speaker 
  • Communication best practices across each lifecycle phase of a project were explored
  • Learning objectives included:
    • Learn or gain a better appreciation of the formal and informal communications that need to occur properly in each phase of a construction project to enhance its ultimate success;
    • For common modes of communication that can be used during the project, learn better or best approaches to make them most effective and use them to build a spirit of trust, collaboration, and motivation within the extended project team; and
    • Learn or gain a better appreciation of barriers that can cause a breakdown in effective communication within a project team and how to remove these barriers.
  • Attendees had the opportunity to earn 1 AIA-approved learning unit
  • The presentation and breakout slides may be seen here: SWO Roundtable Cogence Feb24 Deliverable Rev1
  • Contact Kevin Thompson at kthompson@cogence.org with questions.