Design Assist Delivery for Prefabricated Building Components

Prefabrication of building systems is being used on many building projects. The extent of prefabrication, including the types of systems and the number of different building systems, is expanding. Reasons include better quality of construction, reduced waste/LEED objectives, increased efficiency/reduced construction cost, worker safety, and project schedule.

For the projects I have been involved with, prefabrication went hand-in-hand with design assist. Collaboration between designers and constructors is important to project success, particularly when utilizing prefabrication.

This white paper includes interviews with prefabricators, general contractors, and designers. These interviews indicated that people see the potential of design assist with prefabrication, but control of the design is a concern.

In my experience, having the right collocative project team has gotten the project team past this concern. When, as a team, you decide that you are going to work in a new way, you can achieve the benefits of better quality, reduced waste, increased efficiency, reduced cost, worker safety, and improved project schedule.

– Brian Braaksma, Korda

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