Central Ohio: Project Delivery Methods – Design-Bid-Build, part 3 of 4 part series

  • At our January 18 Central Ohio Chapter Roundtable, James Miller, Administrator Design & Construction, City of Columbus Recreation & Parks, shared insights about why Design-Bid-Build is a delivery method of choice.
  • Breakout groups discussed and developed comprehensive lists of challenges associated with D-B-B, and then developed strategies to overcome these challenges.
  • View the presentation here: CRPD-Cogence DBB Presentation
  • The Roundtable was part 3 of our 4-part series to explore the pros and cons of each delivery method, and learn about opportunities for positive change in how your next project is delivered.

  • At the next roundtable on March 21, we’ll follow the same process for Integrated Project Deliver (IPD)
  • The comprehensive list of challenges and strategies to overcome them for all 4 project delivery methods will be published following part 4 (IPD) in the series.
  • Contact kthompson@cogence.org with questions