NWO: Risks? Or Keys to Success?

  • During our first sessions we discussed the risks we face, how these risks impact our business, and how we experience these risks over the lifespan of a project. Leadership, Management, Communication and Quality Work were all identified as common risks, but these are also the keys to our success. Our greatest challenge to improving project outcomes is to recognize how to transform our risks into opportunities.
  • During this session, we shared the analysis of the risk data you provided during the June session. The data revealed Leadership as a risk category that peaks early in the project timeline. Together we identified some of the traits of Successful Leadership on a Project from each industry segment.
  • Cogence NWO Presentation 2018-1017 Risks-Keys to Success with session results (PDF)
  • Cogence NWO Event Meeting Minutes_2018-1017 (PDF)
  • NWO Risky Times Summary June 2018 (PDF)