NEO: Developing Principles for Waste Free Projects

  • This program follows the discovery session from the March program that investigated waste concerns in our industry using recognized waste form categorizes. That program organized our partners in their respective groups and challenged them to brainstorm on industry waste forms. These were compiled by their respective categories and voted to rank the most concerning.
  • Attached is the full compilation of these waste concerns; an attempt to assign the influences: people, process or technology; and thematic relationship to project activity within our industry.
  • The July 10th program will employ “Appreciative Inquiry” principles to “Dream what might be”. We will seek to find the root cause of success to influence positive change within the following themes through group dialogue and overall partner conversations.
  • The mission of Cogence is to drive the industry together and collectively improve project delivery.
  • Please contact Bonnie at for additional information
  • Cogence July 2019 Program_Industry Waste (PDF)