What Is Lean Design & Construction?

Lean Design and Construction is a respect- and relationship-oriented production management approach to project delivery. The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) defines five cornerstones of Lean Design and Construction:

  1. Respect for people
  2. Focus on customer defined value
  3. Delivering value and eliminating waste
  4. Continuous improvement of processes
  5. Optimization of the whole

While collaborative project delivery does not require the use of Lean design and construction, Lean design and construction by nature require a collaborative team to be successful.

At Cleveland Clinic we have seen the use of Lean fit “hand in glove” with our collaborative approach to project delivery, increasing the level of collaboration and creating more predictable and improved results.

LCI is the only U.S. association whose primary focus is promoting the use of Lean tools and techniques on projects in the design and construction industries.

– Pen Wolf, Cleveland Clinic

Read “What is Lean Design and Construction” from LCI

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