No-Surprise Construction

In 2004, Ava Abramowitz, Esq., wrote an article for The Construction Lawyer called “Implementing New Contracting Relationships to Create Successful Projects for All Parties in the Construction Process.” In it, Abramowitz called for a change in the way the industry approaches construction contracting. She termed the approach “No Surprise Construction.”

This resonated deeply with our team at Cleveland Clinic as we were discussing our approach to the design and construction of our major projects. Many of the ideas in the original article were foundational to the transformation of our delivery system into what we call OCTPDSM, Owner Controlled Team Project Delivery.

“Want to Keep A Project On Track? Get Real” is an updated version of the original article. I find the message as relevant today as it was 12 years ago, and I believe it strongly supports collaborative project delivery.

– Pen Wolf, Cleveland Clinic

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